Wednesday, February 27, 2019

"Meeting the Needs of the 50 Plus Home Seller and Home Buyer". New EBook Coming 3/1/2019

A free ebook is being released on March 1, 2019, "Meeting the Needs of the 50 Plus Home Seller and Home Buyer".
Diane Taylor, "The Sacramento REALTOR®", As a real estate professional I have helped Sacramento home sellers and home buyers for over 20 years. Now that I am becoming a full fledged senior, I realize that this segment of the population is different. Whether you are a Younger Boomer (1955-1964), Older Boomer (1946-1954) or The Silent Generation (1925-1945) you are navigating some challenging waters. I realize my life is changing and most of my family, friends and associates are doing the same. We are all transitioning. And with that transition come additional responsibilities. Additional responsibilities such as taking care of aged parents, empty nesting, diminishing health, taking care of grand children and returning adults, etc. Therefore, I have decided to redirect my business and work exclusively with home sellers and home buyers that are 50 plus. I have obtained the Senior Real Estate Specialist designation that is awarded by the SRES Council through the National Association of REALTORS®.
 I love this segment of the population, because like myself, they still appreciate the art of conversation. I love and embrace new technology. But I still believe that nothing can replace personalize face to face, one on one interactions. If you are uncomfortable with the use of the internet, facebook or email it is not a problem. I am available to personally walk you through the process. You can feel confident that you are working with a seasoned real estate professional.  I, am committed to serving the 50 Plus Senior Residential Real Estate community with A+ service.

Request a copy, it will be sent to your inbox March 1,2019.

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